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China Public Security Huizhou Enterprise Recruitment Network provides timely information

Zhongtian Hechuang Energy Co. Ltd. was initiated by four units including China Coal Energy, Sinopec, Shanghai Shenergy and Manshi Group, holding 38.75%, 38.75%, 12.5% and 10% respectively, in October 2007. It was incorporated in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and is mainly responsible for the development, construction and operation of Zhongtian Hechuang Erdos Coal Deep Processing Demonstration Project. The project construction site is located in the Tuk Industrial Park in Wuzheng, Ordos City, with a total investment of about 61.9 billion yuan. The project was initiated by the National Development and Reform Commission. According to the integration of coal-electricity and multi-generation mode, the overall construction scale is: construction of two coal mines with a total production capacity of 25 million tons/year; construction of 3.6 million tons/year of methanol and 1.37 million tons/Annual olefins. The project is by far the largest coal-to-olefins project in China, and is a national coal chemical demonstration project and a key project of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Zhongtian Hechuang Coal Branch accepts the guidance of China Coal Group in its business, and is mainly responsible for the construction, production and operation management of 25 million tons of coal projects (including coal preparation plants) and three railway special lines. Among them: cucurbitacin mine reserves of 2.728 billion tons, designed production capacity of 13 million tons/year, service years of 90 years; Menkeqing mine reserves of 2.548 billion tons, design production capacity of 12 million tons/year, service years of 95.5 years, They are all large-scale modernized, digital “high-yield and high-efficiency” mines.

According to the company's mine labor organization arrangement, following the principle of “openness, fairness, competition, and merit-based”, 116 people are recruited for the Hulusu Coal Mine and Menkeqing Coal Mine for the public. The specific matters are announced as follows:

I. Recruitment positions

(1) 20 people in the comprehensive mining team, including 10 comprehensive maintenance repair fitters and 10 comprehensive electricians.


















Fourth, interview evaluation

(1) Interview evaluation score=theoretical level evaluation score × 40% + actual interview evaluation score × 60%.

(2) Practical interviews and assessments The relevant professional assessors will conduct group assessments.

V. Registration time, method and requirements, statement

(1) Registration time: Until the afternoon of July 26, 2019, before 18: 00.

(2) Registration method

The recruitment announcement is publicly released on the website of China Coal Group. Applicants should download《中天合创煤炭分公司公开招聘报名表》and fill in the requirements as required (arbitrarily changed, adjusted or not reported in the required format), and the same ID card (front and back) Valid documents such as academic qualifications/degree certificates will be sent to the designated mailbox in the form of an attachment. The subject of the email must indicate “Applicable Team Team-Applicable Position-Name”. This recruitment is not accepted by the site, by phone, by letter or other means. In addition, applicants can log in to the cloud space or scan the QR code to download the relevant registration materials.

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